# Forms


The feature is available on Advance and Ultimate plans

# Forms are used to:

Questionnaires (collection of user data) - to get to know your chat participants better. You can create a questionnaire that the user will have to fill out when entering the chat. The conditions are set at your discretion: whether the user is obliged to fill out the questionnaire or not and whether the check will be moderated.

Polls - create polls to communicate more with your audience and understand what they lack in chat, what they like and what they don't like. Polls allow you to get an opinion from the user about something. They love very much when they are consulted, when their opinion is learned. Therefore, we highly recommend using our bot polls.

Let's take a look at the main tools used to create forms.


You must first give a name and description of the form, later we will look at how it will look in general.

# Field types:

Text - a short text that is designed for just a couple of words;

Text field - designed for a long, detailed answer;

Drop-down list is a selection of one or more answers from the ones offered in the drop-down list;

Number - form with number selection;

Date - select a date, for example: birthday;

Time - choice of time, for example: what time were you born;

Checkbox - a form with a choice of answers or consent to something.

Label is the name of the question in your questionnaire or survey

Placeholder is a hint of what to write in the input field

Description - the description may contain a clarification of the question or an example

Make the field required - if the user does not fill in the field, it will be highlighted in red and will not allow the form to be submitted

Field Preview is how everything that you filled in will look like.

Click "View" to see the finished form and how users will see it.