# Journal

The journal serves to ensure that administrators do not miss anything, they are always aware of who, for what and how much they warn in the chat. Notifications about warnings and punishments come in the administrator's private messages.

The journal is directly related to moderation. Thus, in moderation, you set the number of warnings before the ban, set the punishment time, and the task of the journal is to notify administrators about any violations and warnings in the chat.

# Log connection

  • Remove your anonymity in the chat (if any);

  • Create a channel to which your chat will be connected;

  • Add to the @ChatKeeperBot channel and to the channel administrators, or if you have a bot brand, add it;

  • Write the command /setlog to the channel (If everything is done correctly, the message with the command will be deleted, and a message will appear instead)

  • Forward this message to the channel. After that, all actions that you select in the section: "Warnings", "Punishments" and "Other options" will be sent to the channel that you created.

Also, you can use the [video instruction] (https://youtu.be/PnC-EF6hsaY) to connect the log.

# Warnings

The warning option is a notification that will notify the administrators that the user has violated certain rules and, if he does not stop, he can be punished (if in moderation you have selected several warnings before the ban, if there are no warnings before the ban, then the bot will immediately punish the participant).

The administrator can, at his discretion, take any action, depending on the violation of the rule.

# Punishments

If in moderation you indicated zero warnings before being banned, or the user has passed the maximum number of warnings, in this case, the bot will punish the participant, and you will receive a notification about how much and for what a certain user has been punished.

# Other options

Also, it is very convenient when the administrator receives notifications about new users, notifications about any changes and other actions in the chat.


Select exactly the filters you would like to be notified about. The switched on toggle switch means that the filter is selected and notifications will come.