# Block prevention

# In accordance with the rules of telegram, spam, content that shows nudity, pornography, violence is prohibited in the chat

How do I prevent a chat block?

In order for your chat to be safe and not blocked due to malicious users and bots, you need to properly configure our bot.

  • First, put a protective mechanism in the greeting, such as a captcha. Set up a captcha so that users who do not pass verification within 10 minutes are removed from the chat.

  • Enable and configure "Control by User name" in the moderation section. Minimize the number of RTL characters in the user name.

  • Then, in the moderation section in the filters, set up a ban on editing links, images, photos and videos. This will protect the chat from 18+ content.

  • In the stop words filter, specify the words that are not allowed to be used in the chat. Configure the filter so that the user is removed from the chat temporarily or permanently. Or set up the deletion of such messages, with a warning that if the user continues to write about it, he will be thrown out of the chat.

  • Configure the RTL filter-characters and Chinese characters. Configure the deletion of such messages and the users who send them.

  • Configure the "Links" filter. Allow only the TOP-100 sites, then unwanted links will definitely be removed, and users will be banned.