# Dictionary

Anti-spam systems - protection of the chat from unwanted malicious messages

Ban - punishment in the form of restrictions on users in the chat

Validation - the form in which the user is verified by the administrators.

Captcha - a test that confirms that the user is real

Command - commands are certain words that the bot responds to. All commands are written with a "/"

Content - informational content of the site, books, materials and other resources.

Label - name, trademark

Moderation is a kind of message filter

Nickname - username

Experience - these are points that are given out by the bot for certain actions in the chat that you set up yourself

Offtopic are messages that are not relevant to the chat subject, meaningless and inappropriate

Action points are points that are accumulated for active communication in the chat, issued by the bot, you can view the points using special commands that give information about users

Placeholder is a field for entering information

Preview is an abbreviated view of some material

Ranks are the ranks you receive in chat when you reach a certain amount of reputation

Replay - answer

Reputation - this is the points that users give you for your help

Referrals - users who invited participants to chat

Statistics - keeping records of messages, users and everything related to the chat

Tariff is a package of services, each tariff has its own cost, which depends on the functions provided

Heatmaps - maps that allow you to see in which period something was most active

Triggers are a predetermined reaction to a specific action

Toggle switch is the on and off switch of the tool

Flood is a stream of incomprehensible sets of words and letters in the chat

Checkbox is a form for choosing an answer or consent

Username - username

Anchors are shortened and accelerated reactions to certain actions

DAU - daily active users

RTL - Arabic characters