# Reputation

Reputation - a reward system for active chat participants. It can be either raised or lowered with special words and triggers.

There is a system of ranks and experience - users will be able to receive special titles and write off accumulated points. With the help of your reputation, you can motivate group members to be useful. In addition to the functions in this section, user reputation can also be changed using triggers and admin commands.

# Basic settings

Automatically, the "Use reputation" toggle switch is on", but if you don't need reputation, you can remove it by turning the toggle off.

Minimum reputation interval (in seconds) - the time after which it will be possible to increase the reputation of the user in the chat again.

The interval for gaining reputation relative to the chat is the intervals (in minutes) that determine the time after which it will be possible to increase the reputation of users again. The first counter does not often allow you to increase the reputation for users (that is, one user will not be able to increase it in a row, others will be able to), the second - in the entire chat (after one member has increased it, any other will not be able to increase his reputation).

Words for obtaining reputation, separated by commas - here are a number of words with which users can increase each other's reputation. Words are triggered only when a reply (reply) to another user, in any case. For example, you specified the word "thank you", then the message "HeLlO, tHaNk you vEry mUch!" will increase the reputation of the user.

Message when increasing reputation - in this field you can change the text sent by the bot when increasing the reputation. Here you can add a link to the rating of your chat, the amount of reputation, other variables, set up sending different messages (to avoid monotony).

Use negative reputation - this function allows you to reduce the user's reputation through the selected words. The settings are identical to increasing reputation.

# Advanced settings


Note. This functionality is available only for the tariff "Ultimate".

All - both regular users and administrators can improve their reputation;

From admins - only admins can increase the reputation of users;

Shared - the reputation received by the administration and the reputation received from other users are considered separately.

Normal - for 1 raising of reputation, 1 unit of reputation is credited to the user.

Complex - for 1 raising of reputation, from 1 to 10 units of reputation are charged, depending on the reputation of the raising person.

Random - for 1 raising of reputation, from 1 to 10 units of reputation are awarded in a random way.

With the toggle switch on, if you mention a user in the chat (for example, by @username), the user will be credited with a reputation.

The ability to add a message sent when "overtaking" by reputation of one user to another. Maximum 12 different messages are available, sent in random order

# Experience customization

In this tab, you can configure the experience system and the chat rank system.

Experience - points received by the user for different activities in the chat.

Rank system - the ability to create "ranks" depending on the amount of experience or reputation gained. For example, ranks can reflect chat activity: "Chat Active" - 5 reputation, "Chat friend" - 15 reputation, "Helper" - 30, "Senior Assistant" - 50, and so on (experience can also be included in the ranks). On the other hand, titles can be humorous.

Includes experience system and chat rank system.

With the probability you set (chance 0.1 = 10%), you can get a bonus. Bonus experience multiplier - so many times the user will receive more experience than he should receive without a bonus.

Below you can write messages when you get a new level and bonus experience.

Further, in a similar form, there are settings for increasing the experience for various user activities. The values are selected at random between the minimum and maximum thresholds (inclusive with these numbers). If you want to set fixed values, just set the same number.

# Rank system.

This way you can add a new rank to the chat. You can disable the use of experience or reputation in the rank system.


There cannot be two ranks with the same amount of experience or reputation.

When the user reaches the set amount of experience and reputation, he will receive a new rank. Here, for example, the title "Barber of the Chat" is achieved upon gaining 1000 experience and 25 reputation.

# Special reputation triggers

Special Reputation Triggers - An additional way to gain reputation for users. For the specified words (expressions/commands), the bot will change the reputation of the chat participants.

In this section, you can write the words that the bot will trigger. The message he will send to the chat, indicate the amount of reputation to be changed, indicate the target and initiator of the trigger. The goal and initiator can be:

  • All chat participants
  • Administrators
  • Users

Below is an example of a trigger. With it, administrators can increase the reputation of other members for helping in the chat. Administrators' messages can be: "Thank you for your help."