# Referral system

The referral system is an invitation link. This is a motivation that encourages new users in any way for joining the chat. In the "Referral System" section, you can configure everything related to clicking on a referral link.

first Configure the message that the user will receive from the bot when they click on the referral link. In this message, you can explain to the user that he has followed the invitation link to a certain group and tell them about the topic and rules for joining the chat.

Second Set the triggers for the first and second time you join the chat. If the user is logged in to the chat for the first time, you can embed a profile. If this is a repeat of the time when the user entered the chat, then you can set a survey for what reason he decided to return. Also, in the triggers, you can configure what the user will be rewarded with, for example, reputation points, experience, or any other buns that you prefer.

tretire Enable or disable verification of users who joined the chat via a referral link. For example, you can disable the check if you are sure that the users who click on the link will not harm the chat.

and the latest Select whether the referral link invitation will be considered if you invite the user directly via the chat.