A new feature that will allow you to track a lot of actions.

You can watch:

  • how many users entered the group using this link
  • how many users who came by the link left the chat
  • how many users who clicked on the link clicked
  • find out which advertising is the most effective for your chat, how many people follow the link and how long they are delayed

In tinctures, everything is simple:

Link name-enter any name that will be convenient for you to find data on the desired link.

Limit of invitations by link-set the limit of unique users who have logged in by link. That is, if the same person enters several times, it will be considered as one entrance.
With this, you can conduct contests, for example, earn reputation points for the hundredth participant or the first ten users.

Tag – you can use tags to mark which social network or advertising company the link was created for and any other designating tags.

Link expiration time-enter the date and time when the link expires. This can serve as a motivation for users, for example, set the expiration date of the link and inform users that after that it will be impossible to enter the group, and now you are distributing a reputation that can be used in the future.