# Branding

# You need to understand that 1 bot = 1 system, otherwise nothing will work!


This feature is available in the Ultimate pricing plan

Telegram branding serves to enable you to create your bot with ChatKeeper features.

To get the token, write @BotFather the /start command. Also, here you will find all the possible commands for basic editing of your bot:

Then we create a new bot using the command /newbot

Now you need to set a unique name for the bot, otherwise @BotFather will not allow you to the next step, as in the picture:

After we have created a unique name, the bot sends a message like this, where your bot's token will be:

Paste the copied token:


In order for @BotFather to resend the main commands to you, send it your token:

Let's use the command /setuserpic to select an avatar for example. If you have multiple bots, you will first need to choose which bot to set an avatar:

Submit the picture and if @BotFather approved it, then you're done.

If the bot answered you like this, then send another picture.

# Forms in the brand

When passing the survey, the bot will automatically fill in the user's login, for this you need to specify the domain. To specify a domain, you need to do the following:

  • Write @BotFather command /mybots Now select the bot:

  • Now select "Bot Setting"

  • Further, on the button "Domain"

  • After that write:cabinet.chatkeeper.app