# ChatKeeperBot

— this is a multifunctional bot moderator for chats, groups and Telegram forums. It has all the basic and professional tools for management and moderation. Automate your Telegram group management processes and create a comfortable field for all participants to communicate.

The bot is designed for different levels of complexity of tasks faced by administrators. Therefore, the bot is equally suitable for both administrators ** beginners ** and ** experts ** on the management of groups in Telegram.

With ChatKeeperBot, you can not only close the tasks of moderation and administration, but also engage in the development of your chat, using the tools of reputation formation, rating, points system, as well as implement various game motives.

# The bot contains:

  • Greeting and various types of checking new users
  • A farewell message for those who left the chat
  • Chat animation messages
  • Powerful anti-spam system that includes 32 different filters
  • Flexibly configurable triggers, with which you can get any reaction according to the conditions you set;
  • Face-control system for new and current users.
  • Setting up user rights and the list of bot admins
  • All kinds of restrictions for newcomers to the group;
  • Setting up a list of commands for administrators
  • Setting chat rules
  • Working with Telegram forums
  • Automatic content filtering 18+
  • Setting up a system of warnings, punishments and bans
  • Reputation system, experience points, user tops and ranks
  • An action log that records all important events in your chat (triggering filters and triggers, user inputs/outputs, etc.)
  • Invite links and statistics of their transitions
  • The ability to connect your own bot, giving it the capabilities of ChatKeeperBot
  • Periodic chat posts
  • Own forms for conducting surveys and questionnaires
  • Referral system
  • Statistics:
    • shared by the main chat metrics;
    • community cores (new)
  • by users;
    • by reputation;
    • by referrals;

And much more!

# A few words from the developers 👷️

We would like to sincerely thank you for choosing ChatKeeperBot!

We really hope that you will make friends with our bot, so we offer you this detailed instruction. If you have any questions, suggestions for improvement or you find a bug, be sure to contact us in Support ChatKeeperBot (opens new window), we will always answer, prompt, explain! Enjoy using our bot!