# ChatKeeperBot

— it is a multifunctional bot moderator for those who value the ease of communication and their personal time. It has all the necessary tools to manage a Telegram group.

# The bot contains:

  • Powerful anti-spam system, which includes 28 different filters, Face-control, a set of tools for checking new users;
  • All kinds of restrictions for newcomers to the group;
  • Reputation system
  • Large list of commands for administrators;
  • Statistics:
    • general by chat;
    • by users;
    • by referrals;
    • analytics and heat maps;
  • Flexibly configurable triggers, with which you can get any reaction according to the conditions you specify;
  • And many many others!

# A few words from the developers 👷️

We would like to sincerely thank you for choosing ChatKeeperBot!

We really hope that you will become friends with our bot, so we offer your attention to this detailed instruction. If something is not clear, if you want to suggest something or find an error - be sure to write to Support [ChatKeeperBot] (https://t.me/ChatKeeperBotSupport), we will always answer, prompt, explain! Enjoy using our bot!