# Greetings and goodbyes

# Greetings

Welcome message is an integral part of every chat. With this message, we welcome the new members of the group. To make the message interesting and thematic, you can add a picture or a gif of your brand, links to various resources, as well as group rules.

If you do not need the greeting function, leave the text input field empty.

Let's take a closer look at the functions of this section.

When the toggle switch is on, the bot will automatically delete the welcome message after a certain time. When entering text, we recommend specifying the constant %username%, then the bot will automatically substitute the name of the user who entered the chat.

Leave links to media messages that will be displayed in the welcome email. Pictures and gifs will be displayed as they are, and videos and so on as previews.

To insert a picture into a greeting, you need to do 3 steps:

  1. Copy URL links of pictures, videos or gifs
  2. Paste the link into the "Links to images randomly inserted into the greeting" field ! [] (https://client.chatkeeper.app/assets/chatkeeper_instruction/ChatKeeper_en_hint_picture_1.png)
  3. Save

As a result, in the chat it will look like this:

! [] (https://client.chatkeeper.app/assets/chatkeeper_instruction/ChatKeeper_en_hint_picture_2.png)

*If you insert several links, each time the greeting will be with a different picture, the choice of picture will be random.

Toggle switch "Check new users" - for additional protection of the chat from spam and bots, new members will have to click on the button after the welcome letter, only after that they will be able to write in the chat. In the text field "Text of the button for checking new users" just enter the text of the button, for example: "Start"

Toggle switch "Delete user check button" - after the user presses the button, it will be automatically deleted. In the case when several participants enter the chat at once, we advise you to turn off this toggle switch, since if the first participant does not have time to press the button, the check will automatically fail.

Set the time that is given for pressing the button. After the specified time has elapsed, the bot will automatically remove the member from the group.

For users of tariffs "Advenced" and "Ultimate", several more types of protection are available, such as: subscription to a channel, fixed captcha, mathematical captcha, a form with validation and a form without validation.

Subscribe to the channel - enter the link of the channel to which the new user must subscribe to be in the chat;

Fixed captcha - before the new member of the group there will be several answer options, if the newbie guesses the given option - he is admitted to the group, if the field is left blank, the correct answer will be generated automatically;

Mathematical captcha - set an example that a new group member should solve;

Form with validation - select chat participants who will receive a request to admit a new participant to the chat;

Form without validation - without request for admission of a new participant

# Keyboard

To configure the keyboard, you must first enter a message that will characterize a group of buttons. Then create buttons that will trigger triggers with the necessary information

Next, go to the triggers and create an action for each button with the necessary information. Create a condition in which you write the word from the button and the action that will come when you click on the button

Actions in triggers must be created for each button!

To display the keyboard in the chat, enter the command /update_keyboard. Also, the keyboard will be turned on when new participants come to the chat.

The keyboard is located on the right in the message input field. The keyboard icon looks like this:

When opening the keyboard:

When you press the button in the keyboard:

# Farewell

As with the greeting, the included toggle switch means that the bot will delete the message - "goodbye" after a certain time. But it's worth noting here that messages will automatically stop being displayed if there are more than 50 participants in the chat.

If you don't need the farewell function, leave the text input field empty.