# Validation of Forms


Available in the Advanced tariff


Recall that the difference between forms with validation and forms without validation is that in the first case, a request for user approval will come, but in a form without validation, there will be no.

First, you need to create a form to verify new users. This can be done in the section "Forms" by clicking on the button "Create new"

We design the form, for example:

  • Turn on the toggle switch "Make this field required"
  • Next, save the form and go to the section "Greetings"
  • We write a greeting text for new users and turn on the toggle switch "Check for new users"

  • Set the text of the button, which will be in one message with the greeting text

  • Next, go to the validation settings
  • Select the type of protection: "Form with validation" or "Form without validation"
  • Choose users who will receive the results of filling out the form
  • Select from the list the form for new users that we have created

  • Be sure to save

And now, when a new user enters the chat, the greeting will look like this:

After the user clicks "Start", he proceeds to fill in the validation:

After passing the validation, the users you specified in the settings will receive the following notification:

✅ Done!