# How to set up a bot?

If you are confused in what sequence to configure the bot, then, especially for you, we briefly but clearly described each section.


Before moving on to each next section, save the settings!

# Follow the instructions below and you won't get confused:

  1. First, add the bot to your chat - the section Getting Started

  1. Write how the bot will greet new users and what the bot will write when participants leave the chat - section Greetings and goodbyes

  1. Use the Automatic moderation to configure: checking for new users; warnings about bans; various restrictions; and most importantly, filters that the bot will use to punish users for violations

  2. Connect the log, which is used to let you know when, which user, for what and how is punished-section Log

  1. Set up a reputation in the chat, this will motivate your participants to communicate more-section [Reputation(/en/instruction/reputation.html#reputation)

  1. Learn the most powerful section[Triggers] (/en/instruction/triggers.html#triggers). With the help of triggers, you can create conditions after which the bot will perform the actions you set. Triggers make the work of administrators easier several times and make the chat convenient for other users

7.Use the Manual moderation to configure the main commands of the bot

  1. The Statistics does not need to be configured. In it, you will observe the activity of your chat
  1. (For Advanced and Ultimate plans) The section Anchors is another very useful and important tool. With it, you create a condition in two clicks and prepare the text that the bot will send in response to the condition

  2. (For Advanced and Ultimate plans) Use forms to create questionnaires, polls, and trigger forms - the section Forms

  3. (For Ultimate plan) Create your own bot with ChatKeeper features - section Branding